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  • The Four Room model

    Making Better Decisions in Your Family Business

    by: Josh Baron, Rob Lachenauer, and Sebastian Ehrensberger

    The decisions facing business families can be gut wrenching – and the implications of these decisions can be huge both for the future of the family and also of the business: “Who should the next CEO be – my daughter or my […]

  • The Conflict Spiral

    What to Do If a Feud Threatens Your Family Business

    By: Josh Baron and Rob Lachenauer

    Reading the banner headlines about family businesses gone sour — Market Basket, Rollins, L’Oreal, among others — people often conclude that conflicts in family businesses spiral out of control like mighty tornadoes that destroy everything in their paths. Actually, strong disagreements […]

  • Models of Ownership

    The 5 Models of Family Business Ownership

    By: Josh Baron and Rob Lachenauer

    One of the first questions we ask clients is, “How do you own your family business?” Often the response is legalistic: “We are a limited liability company” or “Our shares are held in trust.” This information is essential, of course, but it leaves unanswered […]

  • Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

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