We are thought leaders in each of the critical decision areas that family owners face. Below is a sampling of articles that capture our latest thinking.

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What objectives do you want to accomplish by owning these assets together?

When You’ve Made Enough Money to Cause Family Tension
What will your “Second Act” be?

Is Doing Good Good Enough?
At heart, self-interested philanthropy can achieve more than altruism.

The Seasons in the Life of a Family Firm: Time to Sell or Not?
Should a family business always remain in the family? The decision depends on both emotional and economic factors.


How will you create the economic engine required to achieve your goals for your family and business?

Why the 21st Century Will Belong to Family Businesses
The myth of the three-generation rule.

Warren Buffet’s Risky Final Bet
Will Warren Buffet’s risky bet pay off? Will yours?

5 Tips for Running an Effective Charitable Foundation
Giving away money is the easy part. Here’s how to do it effectively.

Embracing the ‘I’ in Philanthropy
Being a little selfish can do the world a lot of good.

What You Can Learn From Family Business
Successful family businesses focus on resilience, not short-term performance.

How One Family Business Found Its Sweet Spot
A focus on family governance and ownership structures is good, but don’t forget to manage the business.

When It’s Time to Get Out of a Business
Perhaps the most difficult business decision that owners ever have to make is whether to sell the business. Here’s how advisors can help you.


What structures are essential for you to make difficult decisions while maintaining unity?

Family Business Boards: The Arbiters of Fairness
Is your family business board functioning as it should?

Tempering the Power of Irrevocability
The power of consensus in family enterprises.

Making Better Decisions in Your Family Business
How our Four Room Model can help your family business make better decisions.

What to do if a Feud Threatens Your Family Business
The seven stages of the conflict spiral and how to deal with them.

Dealing with the Unique Work-Life Challenges of Family Businesses
Finding a reasonable “middle way” between the extremes.

Family Business Owners Must Set the Agenda (without Micromanaging)
It’s your money. It’s your legacy.

Why Do Fights Erupt in Family Businesses?
Conflict spins out of control when there’s no rules and processes to keep things buttoned up.

The Tyranny of Minority Shareholders
Families need to set rules about how shares can be transferred among family owners – or face the consequences.


How will you develop the people and relationships that your family business will need?

Family Businesses Need One Person to Conquer and Another to Rule
How the conquerer/ruler relationship plays out in family businesses.

Surviving a Family Business When You’re Not Part of the Family
Winning moves for non-family executives.

Working with your In-Laws Isn’t Always a Terrible Idea
What does it take for an in-law to survive and thrive in a family business?

Can An Outside CEO Run a Family-Owned Business?
Tips for an outside CEO can use to prepare to lead a family-owned business.

If You’re Feeling Unappreciated, Give Someone Else Credit
Appreciation is fundamental to business success.

How to Thrive While Leading a Family Business
Four things you can do to thrive while leading your family business.

Family Businesses Shouldn’t Hunt for Superstar CEOs
What to do if you’re thinking of bringing in an outside CEO.

The Keys to Long-Term Resilience
Even the best-run family companies cannot manage for resilience in their business unless there is a resilient family.

Avoid the Traps That Can Destroy Family Businesses
An emerging set of best practices can turn the age-old problem of generational succession into an opportunity to thrive.

Leadership from Within
Want to be a great leader? Humility, competence, and aligned interests are key.

How to Spot a Problem Patriarch
Sometimes it’s the most successful leaders who sow the seed for the downfall of family business.

Coddled Relatives Can Kill a Family Business
Enabling a family member is bad for the business, and bad for the relative.  Here’s a test to see if you’re overprotecting someone in your family.


What steps do you need to take to prepare for a future that is different from the present?

Keep Your Kids Out of the Entitlement Trap
A simple quiz to find out if you are putting your kids on the path to entitlement.

The Unintended Consequences of Ownership Transfer Planning for Family Businesses
Too often the ownership structures created to transfer plans can compromise the successor’s ability to run their family businesses.

Downton Abbey – Real Life Lessons for Trust and Estate Advisors
The truth about succession the way it can only be told in fiction.

To Hire of Not To Hire: Bringing Children Into the Family Business
When you are thinking of bringing the next generation into the business, remember that you’re not just a business owner or executive.  You’re a parent, too.