Serve the family owners as a group

Our value to clients is in helping the owner group to achieve their shared goals rather than in representing any one individual or branch.  Our role requires us to be a neutral presence and to avoid taking sides.

Recognize complexity

Family businesses are systems, and actions taken by one person often have unintended consequences on others. Working with the ownership group as a whole, we help clients to appreciate these system dynamics, see others’ perspectives, and so find the common ground necessary for success.

Listen empathetically

We strive to listen empathetically when clients talk, recognizing that each person has a different story and there is not one “truth.”  In these complex environments, the reality is always subjective and multi-faceted.

Create a safe environment for dialogue

Tensions in family relationships can undermine the owners’ teamwork and many times must be resolved before they can act. Even in the best case, family owners face difficult conversations about where to take the business. As facilitators, we work to create an environment where each person can safely express his or her views and be heard by others. 

Team with each other

No single advisor has the knowledge or capacity to handle the complexities of the family business system on his or her own. At Banyan, we work in multidisciplinary teams of experts who have complimentary skills in organizational development, strategy, law, psychology, communications, and finance. And because we are organized as a partnership rather than a network of solo practitioners, we can draw on the expertise of our advisors even when those individuals are not part of the core client service team.

Protect confidentiality

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of confidentiality. Within a client relationship, we are totally discreet about the personal and business information shared with us. Outside the firm, we never disclose client business or family names. We do not share any information about a client without their express authorization to do so. Inside Banyan, confidential client information is restricted to the team directly serving the client.


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