Carolina Miotto

Senior Advisor

Carolina Miotto is a Senior Advisor at BanyanGlobal with diversified experience, including working in the banking, management consulting and non-profit sectors. Over the course of her consulting career, Carolina has led projects for family and non-family businesses in a range of industries, including real estate, insurance, private equity, consumer goods, biotechnology and media.

Her interest in working with family-owned businesses comes from her own family history. Carolina’s paternal grandfather, son of Italian immigrants, started as a salesman, but after two decades of hard work, he had built his own successful commercial business, which her father eventually joined. Watching her father and grandfather, she learned first-hand the challenges of growing and sustaining a family business.

Carolina started her career at Itaú, one of the main commercial banks in Brazil, helping vice-presidents and directors to translate strategy into KPIs and managing a diverse range of strategic projects. After that, she joined Integration Consulting, where she learned to apply organizational development principles by helping owners and CEOs restructure their organizational design and governance. And finally, working at Ayrton Senna Institute, a renown non-profit and family-owned organization focused on public education, Carolina helped funders, managers and owners have better visibility into the impact of their initiatives.

Carolina holds an engineering degree from Universidade Estadual de Campinas in Brazil. During her studies, she studied biotechnology and environment for one year at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, in France. She also holds a business administration post-graduation degree (CBA) from Insper, a prominent São Paulo school of business and economics. After earning her CBA, she was invited to join Insper’s prestigious Counseling Board, a committee that advises the institution’s Board of Directors on strategy and performance issues. She is fluent in English, French and Portuguese.

Carolina loves cinema, literature and humanities, and reading, and she also writes poetry when inspiration comes. A life-long swimmer, she has recently completed several ”sea marathons”. She lives in São Paulo with her husband.

Phone: +55 11 98255-4195