Marcella Mendonça

Senior Finance Analyst

Marcella Mendonça is a Senior Finance Analyst at BanyanGlobal in Brazil. She supports the administrative and financial operations in our Brazil office.

She graduated in Foreign Affairs at the Anhembi Morumbi University in 2013. As part of her education program, she spent three months in the US, in one of Disney’s temporary work programs to improve her English skills and to experience culture and work environment in another country.

Marcella started her career in sales, and then took the challenge to move to a new role at the administrative sector of a metallurgical company in 2009. She found she enjoyed the finance and administrative area more than sales, and subsequently spent eight years gaining experience in administration and financial management and executive assistance. Later on, Marcella joined a large telecommunications company as a financial analyst and learned more about large scale financial and accounting operations.

After that, Marcella had the opportunity to work as an international financial analyst at an accounting firm (part of the Kreston group). In this position, Marcella was responsible for the financial reporting of eight companies and absorbed great knowledge about the sector.

She joined Banyan in 2019 as a Project Administrator. Her work at Banyan combines many of her professional interests, including learning from and collaborating with colleagues with a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding family businesses.

She is the mother of an active and amazing little person and enjoys spending time with her family, doing activities such as days at the park, cooking together, watching family movies, taking trips to experience different cities and cultures and hosting their traditional monthly barbecue with games for the whole family.