Monique Alves

Project Manager

Monique Alves is a Project Manager at BanyanGlobal in Brazil. She is responsible for projects support in Brazil, working with different teams and helping with other topics around the company.

She graduated in International Relations at PUC-SP in 2013. As part of her graduation, she spent one month in Buenos Aires – Argentina, studying Spanish and the history of Argentina.

Monique started her career as an intern of a compliance area for one of the biggest banks in Brazil. After her graduation, she went back to her hometown in the country of São Paulo to work for her father’s family business. There she could experience firsthand the complexity and the layers of a family business.  “I saw what a deep commitment to your family and your family business means first-hand, but I also saw the challenges of how business decisions can come to the dinner table or family decisions can take place in the office,” she says.

While working for her family business was an invaluable experience, she eventually decided to move back to São Paulo and started to work for a big company in the wood pulp sector. She stayed there for five years and there she could gain experience in internal controls, processes improvements and mainly in projects, where she was responsible for project management in different areas, such as logistics, sales back office, accounts payable, exportation and others.

She also has experience working for startup and small business, where she played a role as project and business development consultant. Monique is a master of social media and helps us run our nascent Instagram account.

Monique holds a post-graduation in Marketing Management at INSPER, where she could learn about strategy, decision making processes, markets, and she sees marketing and businesses development as one of her passions.

Monique is passionate about different cultures and one of her hobbies is to plan trips and try food from different places. She is always on top of series and movies, and really enjoys going to the cinema. She loves to spend her free time with her friends, family and boyfriend. Monique’s native language is Portuguese, but she’s also fluent in English and has a working knowledge of Spanish.