Raoul Mehra


Raoul Mehra is a Principal at BanyanGlobal. Having worked in his family’s footwear manufacturing business for a number of years, he is well versed in family business management and ownership, and has a keen first-hand understanding of the complex dynamics that govern relationships in business families.

Raoul was born in Mumbai and raised in New Delhi, India to a family of entrepreneurs. He then attended the University of Pennsylvania where, after toying with the ideas of pursuing architecture, environmental science, and philosophy, he graduated with a BA in Economics with a minor in Math.

He then moved to New York City to start his career as a consultant at Deloitte before the family business called him back to India.

Raoul later returned to the US to attend the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where he earned an MBA in general management. He joined Banyan to help provide clients with his unique perspective having experienced a family business both as an owner and an employee. From his own experience, he deeply believes that family businesses are uniquely positioned to build lasting legacies and is committed to owners achieve this. “From my own experience, I have learned how special – and challenging – family business ownership can be for both the business and the family. It is often more important to acknowledge the range of emotions that family owners feel, than to simply give them what you think they want.”

Outside of work, Raoul is an avid golfer and squash player. He also loves to cook, but says he loves to eat more. He lives in New York City where he spends most of his spare time finding and patronizing new restaurants. He has a deep love for Korean food, and is currently working his way through Korean BBQ restaurants in Manhattan in an attempt to find the best one.