Bob Weinhold

Senior Banyan Affiliate

Bob Weinhold has spent his career helping individuals, teams, and organizations accomplish what they did not think possible. At his core, he connects deeply to help businesses and individuals achieve results that they could not imagine (but knew were necessary) while engaging employees to drive innovation, growth and sustainability. Bob has humbly served as CEO and COO for hospitals as well as Health Care organizations, and for the last six years he has been the growth business advisor for many executives/organizations.

Bob’s current Business Advisory/Leadership Coaching includes executives/teams in large publicly traded companies, private equity-based businesses, and family businesses. He works with Banyan as an independent consultant supporting our clients who can benefit from his expertise.

During his career, he has had the opportunity to work with Academic Institutions, state/local governmental agencies, many organizations in the nonprofit sector, licensing/accrediting organizations, and high-level athletes including time at the Olympics. Bob has presented nationally to groups including Supreme Court Justices, Executive Leadership Panels, and at a group of 250 CEO’s addressing Organizational Transformation. He remains active on multiple Boards and when not spending time with his family, Church, or professional interests, he is consistently preparing for his next 100 mile ultra-marathon.