5 Tips to Manage Conflict

Sometimes it’s difficult to see your way out of conflict when you’re in the thick of it. But if you ignore the conflict or allow yourself to wallow in it, you could be jeopardizing the survival of the family business. But it is possible to pull yourself out. Family Business Advisor Aline Porto shares her top 5 tips for managing conflict when you’re right in the middle of it.

Time Stamps and Key Takeaways from the video are below.

Time Stamps:

[1:00] Tip 1: Don’t let the conflict fester– it will get worse and it can threaten the future of the family business.

[2:11] Tip 2: The balance of listening well and respectfully explaining your point is necessary to reduce the conflict. You must try to understand the other point of view through listening to them and asking them questions.

[3:20] Tip 3: You must be genuinely curious about the other point of view and care about resolving the conflict to get anywhere.

[4:41] Tip 4: Employ the 1% rule. Have the mindset that there is a 1% chance the other person may have a valid point or information that you don’t that can get you closer to resolving the conflict.

[5:51] Tip 5: It’s not about being the smartest or having the strongest argument, the goal is to be understood. From a place of understanding, you can have empathy for the other person and get clarity on their point of view.

[7:07] Aline Porto shares ideas of how to put these tips in practice for past conversations and in future ones.

Key Takeaways: