Owner Strategy

One of the best things about being family business owners is that you get to decide for yourselves what you most value. But that doesn’t make defining value easy. There can be both financial and nonfinancial metrics of success. Determining how your family will define success requires your owner group to make some important decisions together about what matters most. Here’s how to think about the right Owner Strategy to guide both your business and your business family for years to come.

Owners have the right to define what are the high-level financial and non-financial priorities for the businesses that they own together. When they are able to align and articulate those, it gives direction (goals) and limits (guardrails) for those making decisions on their behalf.

Vladimir Barbieri


Owner strategy conversations provide a special opportunity for family members within and across generations to share their goals and expectations. Working through differences can bring your family closer together and set a clear path forward.

Leigh Blank


Family business owners benefit from thinking like investors by answering a few questions: What are we trying to accomplish with this business? What are our financial and non-financial expectations? What risks are we willing to take? How will we measure performance against our expectations? Alignment on the answers to these questions allow a family to commit financial and non-financial resources to a shared vision of long-term success.

Ben Francois

Managing Partner

One of the best things about family ownership is that you don’t have to define success the way other companies might. You can follow your own path in determining what matters most to you and your family.

Rob Lachenauer

Co-Founder & Partner

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