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Our Experts

‘’Our family members and non-family executives have deeply appreciated both the value that Banyan has added, but also their commitment to building our internal strengths.’’ – Family COO

Vladimir Barbieri
Josh Baron
Fernanda Brasil
Natasha Falke
Ben Francois
Marion McCollom Hampton
Rob Lachenauer
Kelly Nealon
Aline Porto
Omar Romman
Stephen Salley
George Stalk
Judy L. Walsh

Banyan is its People

BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors brings together deeply-integrated, multi-disciplinary expertise in family, business, finance, ownership, and philanthropy. That expertise gives us the ability to challenge our clients while respecting what they have accomplished. Our people have true compassion for family values, traditions, and aspirations, and we’re fiercely committed to achieving lasting results. By building an environment of trust, we encourage business families to be the best they can be—for each other, for their businesses, and for their communities.

We work in multidisciplinary teams of full-time, senior family business advisors who have complementary skills in business strategy, law, organizational development, psychology, communications, tax, philanthropy, and finance. Our partners, principals, and advisors are full-time and dedicated solely to the firm and our client families.

More importantly, we care deeply about our clients. Each of our family business advisors has a family business experience in our personal background. We have lived through the highs and lows, which enable us to empathize deeply with our clients.

Our team is cross-generation and cross-gender, just like our client families. We believe diverse teaming is valuable to really appreciate the nuances of each family ecosystem. Together, we partner to strengthen those ecosystems.