Michelle Shafer 


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In her role as a Principal at BanyanGlobal, Michelle Shafer collaborates with client teams and family members to develop innovative solutions for families in business together. Her role allows her to apply her experience in systemic and interpersonal levels of organizational dynamics, including resolving group conflict and empowering owners to lead purposefully and gracefully through change. Michelle enjoys leading processes that bring people together – she understands complex group dynamics and values fostering challenging conversations between family members. Prior to Banyan, Michelle worked as a management consultant for a boutique firm that offers a collaborative approach to complex business challenges for Fortune 500 companies, such as L’Oréal, PepsiCo, Novartis, and others around the world. She uses her change management and capability-building experience from that role to develop tailored Next Generation and owner development programs, design governance evolutions, and customize owner communication protocols. Currently residing in the Greater Boston Area, Michelle enjoys walks with her Great Pyrenees, Sir Paul McCartney. Their walks are slow—Paul only has one speed.

Fun Facts:

  • Michelle rowed competitively for 9 years and enjoys waxing poetic about her athletic glory days.
  • After college, Michelle spent two years working at a residential treatment center for at-risk youth, where she supported and educated both the children and their families to resolve conflict, build communication capabilities, and restore relationships.
  • Michelle’s parents founded their own successful family business, a residential construction business in the Greater Boston Area.


  • Hamilton College (BA, Psychology)
  • Columbia University (MA, Social – Organizational Psychology)