Sharon McDermott

Project Manager

Sharon McDermott is a Project Manager at BanyanGlobal. She supports multiple partners and works on various client projects throughout the firm.

Before joining Banyan, Sharon worked as a client account administration analyst and project manager for Boston-based WilmerHale law firm, maintaining relationships between finance, firm partners, and clients. Her experience with family businesses began when she worked for many years in life insurance, estate planning, and family office and trust management.

Sharon started her career at a public relations firm in Manhattan, but after one too many New York winters, she moved to Key West, Florida to rethink her plans.  When her brother moved to Boston, she decided to brave Northeast winters again. Her brother also roped her into what has become one of Sharon’s favorite hobbies – appearing in low-budget horror films. Her brother is friends with several creative movie makers who needed help making their vision come to life. Sharon has died twice on screen, screamed loud enough to scare herself, and has gotten the chance to film in remote, unknown spots all over New England. But it’s the collaboration of making movies that she enjoys most of all. “Being a huge movie fan myself, it’s so much fun to get to see how all of these things come together. Shooting the same scene from many different angles and then watching it come to life in editing is fascinating to me.”

Sharon is also an avid runner, cross-fitter, and has completed three triathlons—so far. She lives north of Boston with her daughter and two dogs. Though she’s made peace with New England winters, she’s happiest when she’s outside in the sun, especially near the ocean.