Jessica Ha

Project Manager

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Jessica Ha is a Project Manager at BanyanGlobal. She is responsible for keeping projects on track, maintaining client communication, and facilitating meeting support.

Prior to Banyan, Jessica worked for Millennium Training Institute for 13 years holding various positions, including Director of Academics and Career Services that specialized in accredited post-secondary education. In that role, Jessica provided guidance and support to countless students on skills training opportunities to enhance marketability and oversaw the academic department to ensure that accreditation and graduation requirements were successfully met. Additionally, Jessica was enlisted by the institute’s CEO and business partner EVP to manage their affiliated training room rental business by assigning her the Operations Manager role with responsibilities that involved project and event planning, conducting corporate and high stake and volume government events. Jessica enjoys many pastimes including, spending time with friends and family, going on adventures with her much adored fur-baby Xena, learning and cooking an array of meals, as well as dining and working-out.

Fun facts:

  • Jessica and her childhood friend/cousin who moved to the west coast have made a pact to take annual vacations together to reunite, retreat and explore different places.
  • Jessica enjoys listening to a vast collection of music and has been known to occasionally hog the mic at karaoke.
  • Jessica lived in Boston from Pre-K until she purchased a home 10 miles south of Boston a few years ago, but still considers herself a Bostonian!


  • University of Massachusetts Boston (BS)