Rebecca Yu


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Rebecca Yu is a Principal at BanyanGlobal and is passionate about helping family business owners transition, build, and maintain lasting legacies. As a natural extrovert, Rebecca is most energized when directly interacting with teammates and clients, and helping clients build consensus in order to find a path forward. Prior to Banyan, Rebecca spent several years at Deloitte Consulting before moving on to early-stage venture capital, private equity operations, and she even considered purchasing a small business to operate. Throughout her career, she has worked with senior stakeholders at large multinational conglomerates to Series Seed start-up founders to grow sustainably with an eye towards longevity. 

In her free time, you can often find Rebecca planning her next ski or scuba diving trip, trying to recreate restaurant favorites from taste recall, or working on a hand-knit sweater.  

Fun Facts:

  • Prior to settling down in Washington, D.C., Rebecca had the opportunity to live in 3 countries, including 6 US states, and attended 10 schools. 
  • In addition to (or perhaps despite) moving frequently, Rebecca also travels frequently – once even running out of empty pages in her passport several years before its expiration date.


  • University of South Carolina (BSBA) 
  • The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business (MBA)