Confronting Substance Abuse in Your Family

BanyanGlobal’s editorial director, Karen Dillon, sat down with Arden O’Connor, CEO and Founder of the O’Connor Professional Group to talk about behavioral health issues in family businesses, with a focus on substance use issues. O’Connor shares her expertise –and personal experience –on dealing with substance abuse issues, with advice on a variety of situations that are common, but often looked over, in family business families.

Time Stamps and Key Takeaways from the video are below.

Time Stamps:

[1:41] Is substance abuse more prominent in family businesses than the general population?

[4:53] Substance use vs. substance abuse: What’s normal?

[6:39] How different cultures and different generations can see the issue of substance abuse

[9:57] Potential warning signs and symptoms of substance use or abuse

[13:45] How should you approach a family member who might be in trouble?

[16:08] Younger generations aren’t the only ones dealing with substance abuse. Problematic substance use can be seen in the senior generation too. How can you handle that?

[24:26] Dealing with the stigma around talking publicly about mental heath

[26:08] Lessons from real life: Arden shares her own experience with substance abuse in her family

[30:43] Rules of thumb for dealing with a family member who has a problem

[36:14] Cause for hope: The path is not always linear, but change is achievable

[38:16] How does the one family member’s substance abuse effect the other members of the family?

Key Takeaways: