Life’s Not Always Fair. Get Over It.

Judy Lin Walsh, a Partner at BanyanGlobal, dives into the topic of inequality in the family business in this video Q&A. Walsh breaks down the various ways inequalities can develop and what family members can do about it.

Time Stamps and Key Takeaways from the video are below.

Time Stamps:

[0:09] Is inequality in a family business inevitable over time?

[1:03] Is inequality always a bad thing?

[2:28] What are the different ways that people can feel inequality?

[4:26] The Haves and the Have Nots: Is inequality inevitable between family branches?

[5:31] When there is inequality, are there still ways for families to stay close?

[6:16] Is fair the same as equal?

[8:19] Can parents unintentionally create inequality by trying too hard to make everything “equal”?

[10:24] What are your top 3 tips for dealing with inequality?

Key Takeaways: