When One Sibling Has More

In this interview with Next Avenue’s Randi Mazzella, Banyan’s Judy Lin Walsh shares her insights on why sibling rivalries emerge and how they can fester into adult relationships and self-worth.

“Judy Lin Walsh, a partner at BanyanGlobal, which advises family enterprises, noted that “siblings are naturally competitive. Starting from childhood, they’ve had to compete for resources — their parents’ time, affection and attention.”

So, she added, “Money can become just another arena for competition, particularly among adult siblings who choose different career paths and have varying degrees of success in their chosen field.”

Money can then be seen by them as a tangible way to measure success.

“It’s not everything, but other factors like personal happiness and fulfillment are harder to measure,” said Walsh. “So, money is used as the default measuring stick and it becomes the lightning rod for all of the big emotions siblings feel towards one other.”

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