Margaret Maguire

Project Manager, Operations

Margaret Maguire is a Project Manager, Operations at BanyanGlobal. She is responsible for the project management of firm-wide and functional initiatives that support our long-term strategic planning goals.

Before joining Banyan, Margaret worked as a Project Manager for Online Program Strategy Development at Simmons University. In that role, she project-managed the launch of Simmons’ online undergraduate program, focused on opening doors for women of diverse backgrounds to complete their bachelors’ degree. At Simmons, Margaret worked closely with University leadership and served as an instructor and curriculum content revisor of the First Year Seminar, a course designed for the development of women’s career skills with a focus in diversity, equity and inclusion pedagogy.

Before working in project management, Margaret worked in the global education field for 7 years, fueled by her interest in experiential learning and commitment to expanding knowledge in cultural diversity. As the Assistant Director of Global Education at Simmons, she advised F-1 international students and oversaw the governance of 32 global university partners. “In building partnership with universities and families across the world, I came to understand the importance of fostering relationships built on clear communication and trust.”

She also worked at Boston College High School as a Program Manager and eventual Assistant Director of the Global Education Center. These roles provided a foundation for expertise in partnership development, operations, event management and cross-cultural communication.

Margaret received her BA at Providence College and her M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Boston College. She currently lives in Charlestown with her fiancée and enjoys running, cooking and spending time with family and friends. An avid explorer, she has hiked all over, including parts of the Great Wall, Fiordland National Park of New Zealand and the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. “I hope to continue to travel,” she shared “through travel, I have realized how different we all are; but, more importantly, how much we have in common across the world. It’s a profound lesson.”