World’s leading family businesses

Their business families range in size from a few people to several hundred members. Their businesses range from $50 million to more than $100 billion in revenue and cover all major industries. Other clients have sold their core business but have large investment assets and/or foundations. They share in common the need to face the crucial set of issues that come with owning shared assets with family members.

Located around the world

From our headquarters in Boston, our Partners have led engagements with business families on six continents. We have deep appreciation for the nuances of the cultures in which we work. At the same time, our experience has taught us that the challenges and opportunities facing family businesses in different parts of the world are more similar than they are different. Our clients value the perspective provided by our global set of experiences.

Span generational cycles

Some are the founders of a business and seeking assistance to create an enterprise that outlasts them. Some are sibling partnerships hoping to avoid the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” cycle and to build their legacy for the third generation. Still others are cousin consortiums who are preparing their family and business for their fifth and sixth generation of ownership. Whatever stage they find themselves in, our clients are thinking about the transition to the next generation. We help them to define their legacy and identify the path towards achieving it.

Complex interests and passions

Our knowledge of best practices in family businesses is just a way of starting the conversation with our clients. Our services are highly customized to the needs of each client family. We honor the reality that fathers, mothers, and children have a complex set of interests and passions. Practical, deep, and knowledgeable advice occurs within the context of careful and respectful relationships.

Need meaningful change

Sometimes the issues are urgent, such as when family relationships are creating a distraction for the business, or when business difficulties are fostering tension within the family. In other instances, the change required is over the long term, such as planning for a leadership succession that is many years away. Some families are facing the challenges that come with having sold their operating business, while others are seeking to expand the family enterprise through a family office or foundation. We serve our clients across all these issues by supporting them in making the changes required to continue to thrive and build their legacy.

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