Our Mission

BanyanGlobal advises the owners of the world’s leading family enterprises as they make difficult decisions during transitions

We believe in the power of effective ownership. Our clients own significant shared assets, such as family operating businesses, family offices, shared family property, and family foundations. They face a myriad of complex governance, strategic, legal, tax, and emotional challenges because of the size and influence of their family enterprises. Virtually everything that happens in a family business is rooted in how it is owned, who owns it, and what the owners want. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. But there are choices, options, and trade-offs. Banyan helps our clients realize their true potential and become more effective owners together.

Family ownership can be incredibly powerful

Whether it is the founder’s unwavering drive to succeed or the next generation’s desire to continue to contribute to the family legacy, family ownership brings incredible benefits to the businesses they build, investments they oversee, and/or philanthropic causes they support. We refer to these shared endeavors as “family enterprises” when the family exercises controls over them. When set up thoughtfully, a family’s involvement with these enterprises is often the key to their longevity.  Learn more »







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The Power of Effective Ownership


Our team specializes in generational transitions

Our team recognizes that as families grow and evolve, they will be faced with difficult choices to ensure that their legacy is renewed across generations. Our expertise is working in family ownership situations that are complex, emotional, or simply “stuck.” Our team of consultants has deep expertise in business strategy, law, organizational development, psychology, communications, tax, and finance. We partner with our clients to help them make hard decisions that span their family, business, and ownership interests.


We are the pioneers of the Four Room Model – an innovative framework to help great family businesses make good decisions.

Banyan helped us break out of a several year period of being stuck and frustrated. Our project with Banyan allowed us to strengthen family relationships, turn our business around, and establish a strong and sustainable foundation for 3G and future next generations to build on our parents and our legacy. — Family Shareholder

Bridging Generations

Sometimes the issues are urgent, such as when family relationships are creating a distraction for the business, or when business difficulties are fostering tension within the family. In other instances, the change required is over the long term, such as planning for a leadership transition that is many years away. Some families are facing the challenges that come with selling their operating business, while others are seeking to expand the family enterprise through a family office or philanthropic foundation.

Our role as consultants is to serve our clients across all these issues by helping them align on what their goals are, identify a road map to achieve those goals, and then make the changes required to thrive. From our headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, we work with families around the globe to bridge the gap between generations and continue their families’ legacies.

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